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About Milton E. Keene

I am a retired school teacher who loves to perform, write and record music, short stories, and now novels. I hold a Manufacturing Engineering Degree from Waterbury State College, a Business Degree from Bryant University, and a Masters Degree in Rehab Counseling and Education from Assumption College.
I have a large collection of books on paranormal activities and alien sightings and abductions. I have been curious about these events since having my own strange experience at a young age.
I am currently reinventing myself, hopefully as a successful writer. Because of my avid enthusiasm for the strange and unknown, I have chosen to write science fiction, not just to shock readers, but to bring the human elements of romance, adventure, history, and religion into my stories.
I have published my first book, "Terror from the Sky:Chances", book one of a trilogy, using the Amazon Kindle Book Store, and it has been relatively successful in both sales and reviews. Book two was completed and published in August 2013 and has also been relatively successful. Book three of the trilogy will follow in the summer of 2014. I'm already on page 140.
I wish everyone on this site good luck and continued success.

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Author Milton E. Keene thanking his readers

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Purchase my new book "Terror from the Sky (Chances)". It is book one of a trilogy.

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