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JD Lovil Author and Publisher

I have been busy writing all those books that I have been wanting to write all my life in the last couple of years. I have published a few books in the science fiction and nonfiction areas for my own work and a few of my close friends.

I publish in print, eBook and now Audiobook format, using the platforms of Amazon, Smashwords, Createspace and to publish.

You may contact me at ( . I am also on facebook at, or pinterest at, or at
Twitter at

Last Public Blogs tion-Book-Chronicles-Shadow-ebook/d p/B00M36K2X4

I might become a Fantasy Reader! I just finished reading Exile’s Redemption: Book One and I have to say that it is a very engaging read! The book looks great, it was very well written, and the characters were believable and complex. About the only thing… Read more

Lies about Ebola my Government Told Me.

I love the way our spin doctors deal with a public threat such as Ebola. They want to manage public reactions, so they say what they think will keep a lid on it all. There has been several strains of Ebola over the years with varying infection rates. The… Read more

Jigsaw World by JD Lovil

It is July 30, 2014, and I am three chapters away from completing my latest book. I am 82,500 words into the manuscript, and it should come to 90000 by the end. The book follows a normal seeming guy named Tom, and the group of people that slowly forms ar… Read more

Shadow of Worlds

Shadow of Worlds is a recent book of mine. Rafe is the main character, and he is able to walk from one alternate earth to any other alternate earth he wishes. It is an ability called 'Shadow Walking'. It is a rare ability, and some of the others which hav… Read more

Quantum Sorcery Basics

Quantum Sorcery Basics is a fantastic philosophical and occult tome written by my friend Magus Zeta. The book combines the occult practices with the science of Quantum Theory and the Many Worlds Theory to explain how magical or super-normal phenomena work… Read more

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