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James R. Sanford, author

My taste in books runs from Ernest Hemingway to Robert E. Howard, but I chose to write Heroic Fantasy because of my affection for the adventure classics. Books like The Three Musketeers, Captain Blood, and Scaramouche that I read in my youth, have stayed with me to this day.

These works, and others like them, are so much more than swashbuckling adventures. Their depth of character, romance, and style make them literary tales at their very core, even as they take your breath away with deeds of derring-do. The weight of words, and the truth of story found in these classics force you to take them seriously, and at the same time the author's sense of humor shines through the lattice of drama. This makes for great reading. I can only hope that one day my own work will reflect the passion I hold for this kind of literature.

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