Free ebook: The Boy on the Beach

    Posted by David-Brian on Wed, December 19, 2012, in Books

    Following the success of my previous 'book promotion,' I have decided to release my novella, 'The Boy on the Beach.' It will be free to download until midnight on December 20th, and is available on kindle, and kindle for pc. Occult author, Philip Coope…

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      Safe schools.

      Posted by corntoasty1 on Tue, December 18, 2012, in News & Views

      I retired 15 years ago after 37 years as a public school teacher in a medium size city and never felt unsafe in any of the schools I was assigned to. Even when I was posted to an alternative school for 'troubled' youths I always felt I was in a safe envi…

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        Vampires and ghosts, free ebooks!

        Posted by David-Brian on Fri, December 14, 2012, in Books

        Interested in vampires or ghosts?! If so, and you own a kindle (or have kindle for pc), then you may be interested in downloading a couple of stories which I currently have running as free promotions. Both stories originally featured in 'Kaleen Rae.' 'T…

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          "Predator and the Prey"

          Posted by JamesBartel on Tue, December 11, 2012, in Authors Donate

          Even a close observation of his face would give no hint of the inner turmoil of violence and rage. The easy manner in which he dressed appeared quite ordinary but with a European flair. Whether he knew that tonight he would kill was beyond prediction. He…

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          Black: Little Davy watched as his Dad closed the bedroom door, After saying, “goodnight my son,” And Davy buried his head beneath the sheets and prayed that she would not come. Hideous hag in long dark dress, She entered his room each night, To mutter…

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            Carolyn Mandache

            Too protective?

            Posted by Carolyn Mandache on Mon, December 3, 2012, in Censorship

            I am writing this blog, wondering if many other parents are now questioning themselves over what is acceptable for their young children to hear, and repeat (often at very inappropriate times), on the radio. I have always been very careful over what they s…

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              Xunaira Javed

              The Cursed City

              Posted by Xunaira Javed on Sun, December 2, 2012, in Books

              The Cursed City is a story of a thriving and prosperous city, whose citizens were loving and caring. The story starts with birth of a young boy, named Ali and the city being cursed by the ugly, old witch. The main protagonist, Ali, who is a ten-year-old k…

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                Posted by lsuprof on Tue, November 27, 2012, in Books

                A great read about growing up country in America. This coming of age biography explores the effects that pejoratives like "Cracker" have upon the way others see us and the way we see ourselves.

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                  Bret Wellman

                  Think Tank

                  Posted by Bret Wellman on Thu, November 22, 2012, in Authors

                  Digitally Improved There are people out there right now, jumping off bridges, free falling as their chutes deploys above them. These are the same people who rush into the hail of gunfire knowing they are about to save the world. These people live in luxu…

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