Hello All,

    Posted by AJKing on Fri, January 18, 2013, in Apps

    My name is A.J. King and I am an indie author. I recently wrote a book called "Medical Transcription-A candid look from inside the industry." I felt compelled to tell others about my experience as a medical transcription to help educate those who may be…

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      Betty Karl


      Posted by Betty Karl on Mon, November 5, 2012, in Apps

      The place I keep returning to is not one place, but a little corner of the world that acts like a magnet for me. Islands - mostly Bahamas and Caribbean. Back in the 80s, I got divorced and immediately booked myself on a Windjammer cruiser in the Bahamas…

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        Will Lutwick

        Dodging Machetes: The Interviews

        Posted by Will Lutwick on Tue, October 23, 2012, in Apps

        Yesterday, I had the distinct honor of having my memoir "Dodging Machetes" selected by the UmeNow editors as one of their recommended books of the week. Today is the debut of an interview on Digital Book Today about the story behind the story that is "Dod…

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          Al Lamanda

          Local Hero

          Posted by Al Lamanda on Fri, October 5, 2012, in Apps

          Believe it or not, my bestselling novel is a Romance/Mystery set in Maine. I hope you take a moment to check it out.

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            Al Lamanda

            Sunset by Al Lamanda

            Posted by Al Lamanda on Thu, October 4, 2012, in Apps

            My Mystery/Suspense/Thriller novel Sunset is one great book, but don't take my word for it. Read the Kirkus starred review.

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              Lisa M Tozier-Rowe

              Lisa M Tozier-Rowe, author

              Posted by Lisa M Tozier-Rowe on Mon, September 24, 2012, in Apps Donate

              I started writing these books back in 2004. I revised With Just a Kiss Part One this year, 2012, and am finishing Part Two, Dead Yellow Roses by November 2012. These are young adult crime mysteries set in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. Easy reading, no heavy lang…

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