Carolyn Mandache

    Too protective?

    Posted by Carolyn Mandache on Mon, December 3, 2012, in Censorship

    I am writing this blog, wondering if many other parents are now questioning themselves over what is acceptable for their young children to hear, and repeat (often at very inappropriate times), on the radio. I have always been very careful over what they s…

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      How to bypass isp block

      Posted by Anonymous on Fri, May 11, 2012, in Censorship

      Here is an example: Avoid the ISP blockade on the piratebay go to web proxy or type into search bar its that easy.... alternatively and use tor<< o…

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      Life is stranger than fiction, and it's more true right now than ever. Yesterday, House Republicans blocked a measure that would have permitted the Federal Trade Commission to put a stop to employers who are forcing job candidates to provide their passwor…

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