Facebook Not Trusted to Handle Money

by Evelyn Castillo-Bach

It seems that when it comes to their money, people really don't trust Facebook. When people were asked to choose which company they trusted to handle payments via their mobile devices, Facebook came in last with only 12.1% of the people trusting it with their financial information. The study was conducted by Ogilvy & Mather, an international advertising, marketing and PR firm.

Makes one wonder how people get it right when it comes to their money but get it wrong when it comes to protecting their privacy online, choosing to reveal the most private details of their lives on a free site that monetizes their data into the billions.

Someone recently explained to me that it has to do with the belief that in the multitude of millions, an individual can feel safe in a crowd, that no one will notice one person. For anyone who really thinks that's true, they should be urged to think again. You may think you are invisible in a crowd, but you're not at all. In seconds a software program can connect all the information there is to know about you. Large numbers don't present a challenge.

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Posted by UmeNow

on Tue, September 13, 2011