Latina Mom Launches New Privacy Strong Site to Replace Facebook -- attacks apps and ads

PRLog (Press Release) - Sep 07, 2011 - "We fully expect millions of people to abandon Facebook and join our true privacy based site," says UmeNow founder and CEO Evelyn Castillo-Bach.

"Facebook has spit on the privacy demands of hundreds of millions of people long enough. Replacing Facebook is our goal and doing so will be easy once people realize a real option exists to Facebook's privacy weak, ads strong model."

UmeNow dismisses recent privacy changes made by Facebook as cosmetic, reminding us that Facebook chief, Mark Zuckerberg, is on a mission to make everyone's information more public, not less. "Remember his declaration that 'Public is the new social norrm.' Remember too that Facebook is dependent on apps and ads for its viability as a company," says Castillo-Bach.

"Yes, Facebook has been forced under threat of Congressional intervention to tweak privacy settings so people have more control. But Facebook is not about protecting user privacy. It's about selling ads, promoting apps, and making money by controlling your information. Facebook makes nothing. Facebook consumes.

-- Your information is shared with databases belonging to many different companies. That is where the massive hemorrhaging of your private information happens. Adding a few control buttons provides the absolute minimum standard of privacy.

-- Facebook's recent adjustments to it's privacy settings does not address the core problem," declares Castillo-Bach, a Latina mom. "Bottom line is that Facebook is a haven for data mining and data collectors. And your information leaks like a sieve through the thousands of apps and games. Facebook's entire business model is flawed. It lives only as long as it can fool people into believing they have no choice.

UmeNow owes it's loyalty to it's members, not apps, not ads. You can only have one master. For us, it's our members. It's that simple."

UmeNow has a $6.00 monthly subscription fee (you can sign up for a one-month free trial), which gives you the following features:

No ads.
No tracking and No data mining.
No selling of personal information.
All third party apps banned.
Anonymous posting allowed.
Protection from privacy violations by “free” sites.

Evelyn Castillo-Bach is a former single mom who as a first time entrepreneur has collaborated with a team of young developers and designers to build a service solely to compete against Facebook.

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UmeNow is the first and only ad-free social network in the world focused on privacy.
UmeNow is a private social network. No ads. No data mining. No tracking.
We are a private alternative to Facebook and Google.

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