UmeNow Privacy Wiki: On line Risk Factors for Young People -- the European Perspective

Source: Connect Safely…

The following is an excerpt:

A survey was conducted involving 9-to-16 year-olds and their parents in 25 countries.

The UK-based EU Kids Online came up with the questions and definitions that people of all ages and many cultures and languages could understand – bringing a useful sense of definition to youth advocates worldwide.

Here are the online "risk factors" about which all the researchers (based throughout Europe) asked their young respondents:

* Have seen sexual images on websites in past 12 months?

– Norway highest at 34%, Denmark lowest at 4%

* Have you been sent nasty or hurtful messages on the Internet in the past 12 months?

- Estonia highest at 14%, Italy and Portugal tied for lowest at 2%

* Have seen or received sexual messages on the Internet in the past 12 months (known is the USA as "sexting")?

– Romania highest at 22%, Italy lowest at 4%

* Have ever been contact on the internet by someone that you never met face-to-face (not necessarily an adult)?

– Estonia and Sweden tied for highest at 54%, Cypress lowest at 14%

* Have ever gone on to meet anyone face-to-face that you first met on the internet?

– Estonia highest at 25%, Turkey lowest at 3%

* Have you come across one or more types of potentially harmful user-generated content in past 12 months?

– Czech Republic highest at 43%, France lowest at 14%

* Have you experienced one or more types of misuse of personal data in past 12 months?

– Estonia highest at 18%, Finland lowest at 5%

The base for the above percentages is "all children who use the Internet.


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