A Better Facebook? UmeNow for Families and Real Friends

PEMBROKE PINES, Fla., July 12, 2011 — The new start-up went into silent launch a few days ago and has now released a video on YouTube. It’s fun to watch. But make no mistake – the challenge is on. Evelyn Castillo-Bach, the self-described entrepreneur mom and founder of , has pulled together a team of talented and gifted young developers, designers and filmmakers to challenge the social networking giant.

The video depicts a superhero (actually a heroine) defending a Facebook user tracked by Facebook and its latest Face Recognition Technology.

View the video:

“Forget about Google+,” says Castillo-Bach. “The battle between Facebook and Google is about domination – who will control what there is to know about you.

“Facebook has morphed into a data collection company. It’s a full-time job just keeping up with the relentless efforts by Facebook to override privacy. And Google is the master of data collection.

“It’s unethical that giants like Facebook seize data like they birthed it. On the other hand, people need to realize the obvious. Free is not free. You are the product and you pay with your data. ” is designed for people who value their privacy but also enjoy using technology to communicate. “It’s not healthy for families to communicate within an environment like Facebook. Yet, it’s fun to communicate online and we all love doing it,” said Castillo-Bach. At — and their sister site — they use technology for good — to protect individual privacy. is designed to serve the privacy needs of its members. “We exist because people want to communicate with their real friends in private,” said Castillo-Bach. No ads. No data mining. No tracking. No tagging. No Face Recognition Technology. Post anonymously or with your real ID. When you delete something, it’s gone – FOREVER!

Members can form public, protected and private groups for their different social circles of family, friends or professional contacts. Private groups are so exclusive they are not listed anywhere within the site. Within the groups, you can swap photos and soon to come will be videos. Privacy settings are clear and easy to use. is member supported; with a monthly subscription of $6.00/month, it’s easily affordable and a prudent investment to make. For people who value their privacy, it’s been long awaited.

What’s Yours, Stays Yours. Experience Socializing and Privacy as One.

Evelyn Castillo-Bach earned her M.S. in 1993 from the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism. She has traveled extensively in Ethiopia and in the Balkans, accompanying her Danish husband who is a lawyer.


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