Recommended Books

  • Canada

    Richard Ford

    The only writer ever to win both the Pulitzer Prize and Pen/Faulkner Award for a single novel (Independence Day) Richard Ford follows the completion…

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  • For a Song and a Hundred Songs: A Poet's Journey through a Chinese Prison

    Liao Yiwu

    WINNER OF THE 2012 GERMAN BOOK TRADE PEACE PRIZE In June 1989, news of the Tiananmen Square protests and its bloody resolution reverberated throughou…

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  • Friend of the Court: On the Front Lines with the First Amendment

    Floyd Abrams

    Since 1971, when the Pentagon Papers were leaked to the New York Times and furious debate over First Amendment rights ensued, free-speech cases have e…

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  • The Shadow Factory: The NSA from 9/11 to the Eavesdropping on America

    James Bamford

    James Bamford has been the preeminent expert on the National Security Agency since his reporting revealed the agency’s existence in the 1980s. Now Bam…

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  • Big Data: A Revolution That Will Transform How We Live, Work, and Think

    Kenneth Cukier and Viktor Mayer-Schonberger

    A revelatory exploration of the hottest trend in technology and the dramatic impact it will have on the economy, science, and society at large. Which…

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Explore Books

  • Privacy: Big Ideas, Small Books

    Garret Keizer

    American essayist and Harper’s contributing editor Garret Keizer offers a brilliant, literate look at our strip-searched, over-shared, viral-videoed e…

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  • The Unwanted Gaze: The Destruction of Privacy in America

    Jeffrey Rosen

    The Unwanted Gaze is an important book about one of the most pressing issues of our day: how changes in technology and the law have combined to demoli…

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  • The Naked Crowd: Reclaiming Security and Freedom in an Anxious Age

    Jeffrey Rosen

    In The Naked Crowd, acclaimed author Jeffrey Rosen makes an impassioned argument about how to preserve freedom, privacy, and security in a post-9/11 w…

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  • The Right to Privacy

    Caroline Kennedy and Ellen Alderman

    Can the police strip-search a woman who has been arrested for a minor traffic violation? Can a magazine publish an embarrassing photo of you without y…

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  • A Bright Moon For Fools

    Jasper Gibson

    Incorrigible liar, thief and rampaging alcoholic, Harry Christmas is on the run, desperately fleeing the mad, bad and extremely dangerous stepson of t…

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