Content and Censorship

We believe in free and open expression but there are important exceptions.

We are an ethical social network. We will not tolerate copyright violations, piracy, and illegal acts against other intellectual property. Any material that depict minors of any age in a objectified, sexual, or otherwise illegal manner will be instantly stricken from our Website upon discovery and reported to appropriate authorities.

We will not tolerate any type of child exploitation.

No exceptions. We will respond just as unequivocally to any communication that promotes the sexual enslavement of any person of any age and which fosters human trafficking.

We will not tolerate any activity that promotes money laundering, terrorism, or other illegal activities.

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It is up to YOU to report violations to us and help us control potential abusive conduct.

You may be exposed to submissions that your find offensive, objectionable and inaccurate, and you agree to waive and hereby do waive any legal or equitable rights or remedies you may have against UmeNow, LLC. with respect thereto, and agree to indemnify and hold UmeNow, LLC., its owners, affiliates, employees, agents and/or licensors, harmless to the fullest extent allowed by law regarding all matters related to your use of the Website.

Update: June 5, 2012

UmeNow does not permit posting of adult content. Anyone who violates this rule will be banned. We define adult content to include pornography and any other content that depicts images that are sexually explicit.