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Terror from the Sky

Milton Keene

After the September eleventh, 2001, attack on the World Trade Center, a new department of government called, Homeland Security, was established to protect the country from further terrorist attacks. The summer of, 2003, was when the small town of Norfolk, Massachusetts, had it's own experience in terror, not from this earth. The local police would eventually need help from the state and federal government to solve mysterious animal mutilations and the disappearance of some town residents, all happening around an old abandoned mill complex. Both state and federal government realize they have a different kind of national security threat developing in Norfolk. Its mission is to isolate and dispatch the threat, while at the same time devise a cover-up from the media and public.
Skylar Thomas is a twenty year old woman, previously diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder. She is the daughter of the town's police chief and wants to help solve the mysterious mutilations. While trying to manage her emotional roller coaster brought on by the tragic death of her mother, at age five, and her long standing disabilities, Skye is determined to become an independent woman. She is also determined to take chances in order to find new adventure and purpose in her life. While Skye is trying to help her father solve the town mystery, she is linked up with Jacob Cambridge, the twenty-five year old state forensic crime lab team leader. He has been assigned to try and help the local police early on in the investigation. Skye Thomas sees her opportunity to take a chance on love and independence, but will she survive the face-to-face encounter with the terror that is behind the mystery?

About the author:
Milton E. Keene is a resident of Medway, Massachusetts, and a retired High School Special Education Teacher, having taught for over seventeen years. He is also an accomplished musician and writes music, lyrics, poems, and short stories. Mr. Keene is an avid reader and collector of books dealing with paranormal activities and extra-terrestrial visitations. Since having his own frightening experience, as a young teen, he has been searching and trying to find answers to the mysteries surrounding these events. “Terror from the Sky (Chances)”, is Mr. Keene’s first attempt at publishing science fiction and hopes his reader’s enjoy the wild ride in which he takes his characters. It is book one of a trilogy. Book two, “Terror from the Sky (Changes)”, is in progress and projected to be completed by Spring 2013.

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