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Katie Carter and the Case of the Colored Cats

P. Katie Barkley

In this first installment of the Katie Carter mystery series, our heroine Katie is determined to solve the mystery of the ring of thieves known only as the Colored Cats. Along with her siblings, twin sisters Cathy and Carol and younger brother Carl, she plunges into the world of crime, tracking down the elusive leaders of the group of thieves that have been terrorizing her neighborhood. Along the way, she makes friends with a helpful policeman, as well as others who have an interest in seeing the thieves brought to justice. But when Katie gets too close to the cat burglars, she finds herself in hot water. They will do anything to keep from being caught by this amateur detective and her friends! Follow the trail and solve the mystery along with Katie in her first crime-solving adventure!

About the author:
Patricia Barkley was born in 1981 and lived Kansas her whole life. She and her brother were homeschooled by their parents all the way through high school. She has always been an avid reader, enjoying everything from Shakespeare to Harry Potter, and has been writing since she was 12, dreaming of seeing her name in print. She got her first chance when she was hired as a reporter for the Haysville Times in 1999. During her time at the newspaper, she attended college, working on a degree in journalism. Over time, she worked at the newspaper not only as a reporter but also as office manager, layout designer, and, eventually, editor. When the new Haysville Sun newspaper opened, she spent a few months helping the fledgling publication get off the ground until it became the Sun-Times. She took a break from writing after that but never stopped thinking about writing books. Patricia has dabbled in a variety of different writing styles, practicing at poetry and prose alike. After researching different publishing options, she released her first book, Eyes Open at Dawn, at the end of November 2011 as a self-published book. Eyes Open at Dawn is a collection of 6 science-fiction and fantasy short stories and novelettes. Their different subjects include a film-noir-style detective duo and a family of vampires. Four months later, Patricia published the first volume in a planned series of youth mysteries, titled Katie Carter and the Case of Colored Cats, which has extended into a regular series with a new volume released each month. After that, the first short story in her first book was turned into a series of its own, with several short stories in the series being collected in Hanson and Kripter: From End to Beginning."

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