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Carrie Chester

In Alice's world - a world of the future, where London is a ghost city and the daylight is poisoned by a mysterious Cloud - vampires are real. They are not some paranormal species that has prowled the earth for millennia, but escapees from a military project gone disastrously wrong. These creatures, only twenty-seven in number, reproduce and garner the name "vampires" for their strength, speed, superhuman senses . . . and their taste for human blood.

Most of the inhabitants have fled. Those that stay know better than to go into the empty districts, the vampire districts . . . but Alice is a journalist. She's stubborn that way. Walking home from work one night she discovers a vampire corpse in an alleyway, its head cut in two, and from that moment her life is irretrievably changed.

She wakes, two nights later, in a strange bed with a strange man. She has no memory of how she got there, of where she is or who he is. He tells her his name is Dark, and he is a vampire hunter - or "agent", as they call themselves. These agents inject vampire blood in order to gain the strength and abilities they need to hunt the blood drinkers - a process they call "juicing". Their institute is the Temple, a converted hospital buried in its own grounds and unknown, even, to the authorities. And Alice, it seems, is their newest member.

An adult urban fantasy where humans rule and superhumans fall.

About the author:
Carrie Chester had a mental blip two years ago and dreamt of a strange institute that hunted vampires. She quickly realised that the character she had met in her dream wasn't going to give her any peace until she wrote his story, and so she gave in and did. She currently lives in Sussex with two cats, four mice, and a healthy dislike of sunlight.

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