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Serena Grey

Casey is a spoiled sixteen year old. She does not appreciate her parents, her privileged life or anyone who doesn’t adhere to her beliefs or passions. When her father accepts a post as a village Doctor and they move into a beautiful old mansion in the countryside, she is determined to rebel. Bored and angry to have left her friends back in the city she decides to defy her selfish parents, refusing to make friends with neighbours Lee and Lisa, and determined to spend her days alone. But her bad attitude is about to change.
It all begins with Eliza. She discovers her punk rag doll under her bed, but there is something sinister about her. This doll is sad and torn and makes Casey uneasy and afraid. On a solitary walk she comes across a house that looks exactly like her own, but is deserted and burned out. It haunts her with terrifying feelings which draw her back there again and again. This begins a rollercoaster ride of fear, sadness, love and self-discovery. The house weaves the web which entangles Casey into a series of events connecting the doll, the boy called Lee and her fated future. Why does Eliza, her doll, keep appearing in that house? Who is the handsome boy wearing her favourite t-shirt who hangs out in the burnt out attic bedroom. Why is he petrified of her? Gradually, Casey begins to piece together the sinister clues from her journal entries and sketchbooks that manifest themselves in that house. Eventually they lead her to a terrifying discovery. Can she look deep into herself and mend her selfish ways before she destroys herself and the people she loves? Abandoned~ a ghostly tale of a haunted house, romance, terror and changing destiny. Can someone change their own fate?

About the author;
I was born in UK in 1972 and Graduated from the University of Central England as a Teacher of Art & Design, specialising in Jewellery and Silversmithing. I have taught in many schools in the UK and have enjoyed working with children and young people academically and on a personal level. I also have lived and worked in Greece for 12 years teaching English as a Foreign Language. I lived on the island of Kos for 8 years where I loved living in a little traditional house not far from the beach. I spent my summers painting and enjoying the beach life. I then moved to the city of Thessaloniki which is a historically rich place, not too touched by tourism. A place where I spent a lot of my time happily alone, I fell in love with the ghostly atmospheric winter months and the hot, humid bustle of summer life, observing the local culture and getting involved in the community. It was here that I wrote my first novelette for young readers, 'Abandoned'. Thessaloniki, having many derelict buildings that were for me like ghostly apparitions of a long lost past, my love for abandoned buildings, haunted places and the paranormal was the starting point for my book. I also drew upon my relationships with my students; from listening to issues about their love lives, daily events with school, college and parents, and their shared need to find their unique place in the world. Lastly I delved into my own biographical memoirs of myself as a 16 year old to develop my character of Casey. I surrounded myself with my own drawings, snippets from magazines, internet searches about URBEX and pictures of abandoned places to create a whole world that soon would be my summer of 2009. I wrote it at night, between the hours of 11pm and 4am when the usually heaving streets were quiet, the cool breeze from the open balcony door would waft in, and I listened to my favourite alternative rock radio station. Casey was truly born, and now her first story has been published. I hope it will be the start of my career as an author and that my work resonates with all ages,giving them what books have always given me; an escape, a haven and a way of believing that I am not alone in this crazy world.

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