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A Question of Privilege

Ken Klopper

Judges are there to judge or so they say. They listen to the evidence, evaluate it, apply the law and logical reasoning, and deliver a judgment or verdict. But Judges are also human beings with personalities, personal lives, and weaknesses.
What happens when these two worlds collide?
Enter the world of Judge William L Ment, a controversial judge with an eye and nose for beautiful women. Ment has all the skills and knowledge of a brilliant judge, but he also possesses strong intuitive faculties and his own special brand of logic. When a brutal murder takes place and Ment is the trial judge, this cognitive faculty takes over, and Ment finds himself on the trail of a serial killer. How will Ment assume the role of amateur sleuth without breaking all the rules?

About the author:
Ken Klopper has been involved in the law for almost forty years in his capacity as prosecutor, magistrate, advocate, and judge. He is a criminal Law expert and has dealt with all forms of crime in various courts, including the High Court. He lives and works in Cape Town, South Africa. Besides writing, Ken also enjoys music and song writing. He is the author of The Judge Ment series, a legal mystery series set in South Africa. The first volume in the series is titled "A Question of Privilege. The second volume is "A Question of Revenge" Other books include "Journal of an Eyewitness"-(Religous Fiction) and a semi-biographical book called "Born a Travelling Man."

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