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A Bright Moon For Fools

Jasper Gibson

Incorrigible liar, thief and rampaging alcoholic, Harry Christmas is on the run, desperately fleeing the mad, bad and extremely dangerous stepson of the woman from whom he has just embezzled £26,000.

Harry pitches up in Venezuela, where he soon mislays that stolen cash then blags and cons his way to the north of the country on his mission to bury a book belonging to his beloved and dead wife, Emily. And pursued all the way by his relentless and crazily violent nemesis.

Harry Christmas has it all: grief, debt, gout, red trousers. Running away to Caracas might seem like a good idea but mischief is a greedy companion. Escape turns to tragedy and love becomes shames as Christmas finds himself the agent of far greater havoc....

A comic novel that is as funny as it is heart-breaking.

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