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If you are an unknown author, getting noticed by the audience you want to reach is the biggest challenge you face. UmeNow is committed to helping authors reach that audience. A picture is worth a thousand words. The same holds true for your book cover. Our book section beautifully displays your book cover which is linked to your Amazon book page, making it easy for anyone to purchase your book(s). 

Below we offer some tips to help you get started in your most important goal, attract readers who will buy your book(s).

The first time you read the tips below it may feel a bit overwhelming, especially if you are unaccustomed to using social media. We promise this: If you follow the steps below, after you do it once or twice you will feel like an expert. Anytime, write us and we are happy to assist. All questions are smart questions. Write:

Tips to help you sell more books:

1. Submit your book title(s) to our editorial team. You can reach them directly at: -- include a link to your book(s). Our editors will list your book(s) within the Explore Books section, provided they meet certain criteria. For instance, UmeNow does not permit pornography or erotica. Titles belonging to either genre will not be selected. Our editors do not automatically list all books submitted. Editors reserve the right to exclude books. If you are the author of multiple titles, our editors will most likely select one of your titles to showcase. It is rare for our editors to list more than one title by the same author, but it can happen.  Of course, you can use our blog function to promote all your titles, but please follow our tips below regarding blog content.

If our editors have selected your book to appear within the Recommended Books section, it means your book qualifies to be selected as an Editors' Choice. If your book appears within the Explore Books section, it means the editors may later review your book further and also include it within the Recommended Books section.

2. Create a Professional Page. By creating this page and selecting to share this page with the world, you can promote your books for free. Please remember that erotica and explicit adult content is not permitted anywhere within UmeNow. Members who violate this rule will be banned.

3. Start blogging within UmeNow. Blogging is a powerful tool. You can potentially reach anyone in the world. If you are already blogging elsewhere, that's great. We hope you decide to also blog within UmeNow and use our share buttons to reach a wider audience. Blogging within UmeNow is free. Whenever you post a blog, you decide if you want to share the blog only with UmeNow members, only with UmeNow members who are also your friends, or with the entire world. If you want to be seen and heard by the world, you should pick the latter option.

Within your blogs, add links to your books within UmeNow, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, some other vender, your website, or all of the above.

4. Use the share buttons at the bottom of your blogs.  It is an easy and powerful way to send your blogs to Linkedin, Facebook, Google+, and Twitter.  Of course, when other people read your blogs within UmeNow, they too can use the share buttons to spread your blog. You can only use the share buttons when you share your blog with the entire world. If you decide to share your blog only with UmeNow members or with UmeNow friends, the share buttons are deactivated.

5. Blog regularly. Why? Because the more you blog the greater importance Google will give to your blogs. The more importance Google gives to your blogs, the greater visibility you will have. The greater visibility you have, the more likely it is that you will be noticed by potential readers, book reviewers, and journalists. All this applies only when you decide to share your blog with the entire world. If you share your blog only with UmeNow members or UmeNow friends, your blog cannot be indexed or seen by search engines like Google, Yahoo, or Bing.

6. How often should you blog? Aim for once per week, twice per month, or once per month. But be consistent. Your audience is watching.

7. Blog with credibility.  Yes, this is important. Even if you decide to blog only once every two weeks, when you do blog,  provide enough meaningful content that people will actually want to read what you have to say in your next blog. You don't need to write a long essay or dissertation. But posting one or two lines with a link to your book is not a blog. It is spamming. Your audience will not respect you for it and UmeNow will remove your blog. If your audience sees you have nothing to say, it's likely they won't run to read your book. Use your blog posting as an opportunity to prove to your audience that you are worth their time.

8. What should you blog about? This is a highly personal decision. Some authors may want to blog only about their books. Other authors may want to blog about an area of expertise, life in their home town, personal viewpoints, experiences, or other subject matter. No matter what you decide, make it meaningful.

9. Upload a photo of yourself or an avatar that represents you. Select privacy settings that allow your photo/avatar to be seen by people not logged into the site. Your photo or image you use to represent you helps your audience feel connected to you. Go to your privacy settings on UmeNow, called Permissions. Click on the Profile Information tab. Select Avatar to "Show to the World."  Log out of UmeNow, and see what your blog looks like to the rest of the world.

10. Upload your book cover to your blogs. If you are the author of multiple titles, experiment with uploading all your book cover images with each blog you post. It will make your blog more visually interesting. Or, try uploading the same book cover multiple times to create a different look.

11. Use your real name. Your blog should match the name that you use as an author. This will help your audience remember you. To change your name click on the Profile Info link that appears under your avatar.

12. Write for a wide audience.  Refrain from profanity or sexually explicit references. Imagine your blog will appear within The New York Times.

13. Don't be afraid to blog. Within UmeNow, you can edit, delete, and save any blog as a draft even after you have published it. So if you make a mistake or change your mind, it's not a problem.

15. Follow us on twitter: @umenow_com. Tweet about your books. Spread the word on other sites you're connect to. The more authors gather at UmeNow, the more attention authors will garner from readers and reviewers.

UmeNow is committed to providing author's with an attractive home where they can showcase their work and also connect with their fans and the important people in their lives. Let us know if something is missing that you'd like to see added in the future, or if you need help using the site, write us anytime: