No Tracking

Our entire platform is built to protect and empower you.  Use our encrypted communication network for your personal or professional contacts.

We have banned ads, all tracking, and all third party apps and games because they are back doors that extract information without your permission.

We use powerful encryption protection to keep your communication as private as you intended.

We have banned tagging and face recognition technology too. We think it has no place in a private network.

We designed our privacy settings to be clear and easy to use. Our default privacy settings are always set to give you maximum privacy protection.

We encourage activists, community organizers, non-profits, all creatives, writers, authors, and bloggers to add our free donation button to their blogs to raise funds for their causes. We extract no fee for this service. It's open to unsubscribed and subscribed members.

We are a private social network. We are also an ethical social network. We serve you, our customers. We don't profit from your data. Our business model is based on providing a secure and private social network that empowers you.

We all know that the giant social networks have morphed into data collection companies. They track everything you do online. Then, they sell or trade what they know about you -- like a commodity, no different from soy beans or silver. We don't do that to you.

Remember that data brokers create shadow profiles about you using all the information they have easily harvested about you from public sites. No matter what privacy settings you choose, if you are using a site that has ads, you are being tracked. Banks, credit card companies, insurance companies, recruiters, employers, litigation lawyers, governments,and even universities can access and purchase these shadow profiles. People risk embarrassment, job loss, career failure, higher interest and insurance rates, even political reprisals from the lack of real privacy on public sites. We protect you from these privacy invasions.

UmeNow was founded based on simple principles.

    1. Experience Socializing and Privacy as One

    We believe you have a right to socialize and connect with your friends, family, and colleagues without giving up your right to privacy.

    As a company, we have no desire to resemble the typical for-profit organization. Our commitment is an uncompromising pledge to protect personal privacy and insure that you always retain total control and ownership of your personal data and all your submissions.

    2. What's Yours, Stays Yours

    We believe that you have the right to own and control all your content. That's why we insure that you can edit and delete your content, or post anonymously.

    3. Private Membership Levels

    We provide a 2-tier private membership. Anyone can join for free as a private unsubscribed member. Our subscribed premium level private members have access to all site areas and tools. Unsubscribed members are restricted from entering areas reserved for our premium level subscribed members.

    4. No Ads I Only People

    It guarantees our loyalty to you, not advertisers. This sets us apart from all the rest.

    5. Technology Should Empower Ordinary People

    We don't use or permit photo tagging or Face Recognition Technology. That's for law enforcement and data collectors.

    On other sites, you are a free user who is at the mercy of whatever the site wants to do with your information. On UmeNow, you are a private member and client entitled to world class service. That begins with the best privacy protection technology can provide.   

    No Ads

    We consider tracking to be an unethical business practice. Because we don't track our members, we cannot provide advertisers with targeted marketing. Therefore, we do not utilize advertisements as part of our business model.

    Facebook and Google

    Facebook has morphed into a data collection company. It's a full-time job keeping up with its relentless efforts to override privacy. And Google is the master of data collection. The battle between them is about domination -- who will control what there is to know about you. 

    Data Miners and Data Brokers

    Data miners record and store everything posted on public sites. Data brokers sell what they know about you to recruiters, employers, banks, investigators and who knows who. Meanwhile, internet criminal gangs stalk all the free sites and collect every bit of information there is to know about you.

    Public social networks

    We believe that public social networks expose everyone to an unacceptable level of risk.

    We provide a service where our only focus is to protect our members from those risks. Our platform insures maximum protection. We use encryption throughout the site. Our clear privacy settings keep our members in control. Because we  are exclusively member supported, our loyalty is only to our members. 

    Advocate for Privacy Rights

    We believe that as an ethical social network we have a responsibility to advocate for privacy rights. 


    About the Founder

    UmeNow was founded by Evelyn Castillo-Bach. She is an entrepreneur who decided to take on Facebook by collaborating with bright young developers to create a platform that empowers ordinary people who want to connect in private. She was inspired to create a super private anti-Facebook platform when she observed how her sons used Facebook to interact with their college friends. She was appalled by the tracking, data mining, and ever-changing and confusing privacy settings deployed by Facebook. She earned her MS in 1993 from the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism. She has traveled extensively in Ethiopia and in the Balkans, accompanying her Danish husband who is a lawyer.