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I might become a Fantasy Reader!

I just finished reading Exile’s Redemption: Book One and I have to say that it is a very engaging read! The book looks great, it was very well written, and the characters were believable and complex. About the only thing that I would have changed would be to add a hyperlinked table of contents to pick up where I left off. This is a fairly long book, by eBook standards, and with the complex characters and actions, it will take most readers a few days to do it justice in the reading.
The Author starts you off with a very artfully drawn map of the elfish homeland, and there are many wonderful designs, and the whole layout is very clean. The book has a perfect cover. The look of the book is impeccable.
The characters are complex, and the reader will identify with them almost immediately. The main character is named Raven, and she is an example of the Shadow Elf variety. She is young, not even one hundred yet, and she still believes in an ideal world. The other characters vary from the usual human riffraff, to an Elf that is literally thousands of years old.
Early on, Raven is subjected to watching as a demonic horde swarms the Elven city, killing everyone they meet with glee. They saw Raven as tender meat, which was their mistake. The horror and the death transform the young elf into the most powerful that the world had ever seen. The growth of her latent powers came at just the right instant to allow her to dismember the demons and their master in short order. I must say that I got a little choked up when I read this part, but that may just be my Celtic blood talking.
I think the Author was channeling J.R.R. Tolkien, the Silmarillion years in the writing of this book. The interactions of the various factions in the book reminded me of the series Game of Thrones. It was a great read, and you need to get a copy.

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