Lies about Ebola my Government Told Me.

I love the way our spin doctors deal with a public threat such as Ebola. They want to manage public reactions, so they say what they think will keep a lid on it all.

There has been several strains of Ebola over the years with varying infection rates. The infection rate is the percentage of people who are exposed to the virus who contract the disease. The infection rate for Ebola has ranged from zero for the Reston strain (which only infected monkeys) to 100% for other strains.

Our good spin doctors immediately redefined the 'Mortality Rate', which originally was defined to mean what percent of the infected died, to now mean how many exposed to the virus died. In other words, they redefined Mortality Rate to be the same as the Infection Rate. This was because everyone died that contracted the disease.

The disease has a few symptoms. It reproduces the virus so quickly that, if you cut open a vein or artery, there is such a mass of reproduced virus that you can SEE the virus mass. This is called bricking. It also thins the liquids in the blood so much that it leaks out through the tissues, the eyes and all other orifices. Once someone contracts this disease, you tell me, do you survive it? Oh yeah, it also kills the liver, kidneys and other vital organs.

Now that they are thinking of bringing an infected person back into the USA, they are backing off of their definition, and admitting (around the edges) that it is 'almost always' fatal. Now they are saying that the risk of infection is low for people around them, because it is 'not air borne'. This is another redefinition.

The flu is spread by exposure to body fluids and tissue contacts. It is spread by contacting surfaces touched by the infected, by droplets of saliva and mucus in the air, put there by sneezes. Flu is generally seen as transmissible by air, or air borne.

Ebola transmits in all the same ways as Flu. In order to say that it is not air borne, then neither is any other disease.

Just saying.

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JD Lovil

Posted by JD Lovil

on Fri, August 1, 2014
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