Jigsaw World by JD Lovil

It is July 30, 2014, and I am three chapters away from completing my latest book. I am 82,500 words into the manuscript, and it should come to 90000 by the end.

The book follows a normal seeming guy named Tom, and the group of people that slowly forms around him. The only remarkable thing about the group that is noticeable at the start is that they can see the monsters and paranormal causes of the disasters and other events in the world. Most people simple accept the disasters as being natural, and never see the monsters behind the events.

The group that forms around him initially are refugees from the dangers, but as time goes on, they begin to understand that the universe has drafted them to repair the world. Soon, they are encountering people from other places, other worlds, who are brought by destiny to aid their quest.

Each of the group members are traumatized and flawed, and slowly Tom realizes that he is not exempt. As the body count around him mounts, he realizes that there is a monster in the group that wears his face. He must come to terms with who or what he is, while at the same time showing an uncharacteristic concern for the continued existence of the world around him.

He associates with gods and Sorcerers, finds and uses alien tools, and he and the others begin an ambitious plan to Heal the world. Along the way, he discovers things about who he is that he had forgotten, or never known.

I should have completed and uploaded the Kindle version of Jigsaw World sometime during the month of August. I would appreciate as many favorable reviews from my readers as possible. To facilitate this, I will have the book on KDP Select for at least 90 days, with the usual five days free at the end of the first month. After the 90 days, it will be repriced to $3.95.

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