Shadow of Worlds

Shadow of Worlds is a recent book of mine. Rafe is the main character, and he is able to walk from one alternate earth to any other alternate earth he wishes. It is an ability called 'Shadow Walking'. It is a rare ability, and some of the others which have that ability have been called gods by the natives of those alter-earths.

Rafe has become aware of a dark and destructive force that is intruding into the earths that mankind inhabit (called the Worlds of Man) and causing death, destruction and insanity on any world it touches.

Now Rafe and his friends must find a way to stop this Scourge from bringing chaos to all the Worlds of Man. He sets out with companions; Tyr-The Norse god of War, and Mark- a fellow Walker from an Iso-American varient, Along with a large wolf that follows Rafe through Shadow, they begin a search to end the threat of the Scourge.

This book is 'The Amber Chronicles' meets Many World Quantum Theory. It hopefully will entertain the readers while making them think. It is available in print, eBook and (soon) Audiobook formats.

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JD Lovil

Posted by JD Lovil

on Thu, July 10, 2014