Quantum Sorcery Basics

Quantum Sorcery Basics is a fantastic philosophical and occult tome written by my friend Magus Zeta. The book combines the occult practices with the science of Quantum Theory and the Many Worlds Theory to explain how magical or super-normal phenomena works. It then it goes on to explain the practical aspects of securing your objectives in life, using both arcane and mundane processes.

After it explains the underpinnings of the occult sciences, it immediately describes simple exercises to begin to manifest your desired results, using visualization, meditation and the basic goal setting techniques that have worked for all the greats of history.

The book is out in eBook, print and soon Audiobook formats. Check it out, and encourage MZ to write more books by buying a copy today!!

You may buy a copy of the book at Amazon at…

If you need to download other formats than the Amazon format, you may purchase it at Smashwords at

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JD Lovil

Posted by JD Lovil

on Thu, July 10, 2014