You want to be the best that you can be? Then be willing to accept constructive criticism! The Cthulhu Child: Revised edition (addition).

In June of 2013 I published a small eBook called The Cthulhu Child. I wanted to put together a collection of stories aimed at demonstrating the diversity of the term 'Horror'.…

The book has received a number of positive reviews, both on Goodreads and Amazon. And, as writers, we all appreciate an expression of kind words for something we have spent long hours creating.

So, why then the update? Simple really. I have received a couple of reviews that, whilst generally positive, have nonetheless questioned the placement of two stories in the book. Jason Parent (What Hides Within), and Gregor Xane (Six Dead Spots), both commented on the placing back to back of stories which touched on similar themes.
It was a fair criticism.

Furthermore, these two authors have decent writing 'chops'. It made sense for me to take their comments on board.

Now I'll be honest here: When I first put the book together I considered the same 'placement issue'. And I thought that by going with the running order I had, I was being clever.
Obviously not!

I set out to go Double Bubble (as we'd say around my neck of the woods). This is to say, by placing these stories so close together, I thought I might prevent the reader from seeing the approaching 'punchline' in story two.
I got that wrong, aye?

So, generally positive reviews, although they come with a 'But'.
What then to do?

Now, let me be honest again, and tell you that I'm very much my own person. I can on occasion be quite opinionated (allegedly).
But I am also prepared to listen when given good advice.
Especially if it helps improve my writing technique.

I decided to re-open the file on The Cthulhu Child. Surgery was required.
At first I considered rearranging the layout, changing the running order of the stories. But in the end I opted to go even further. Two additional stories, and with added content at the end of the book.
'More Bang for your Buck', so to speak.

Now, I am nowhere near to being prolific. In fact I have the writing pace of a slug on Temazepam. But I have persevered, forcing myself to spend the last week putting together a couple of unsettling little additions to the horrors of The Cthulhu Child.

Of course my efforts could yet backfire. Up until now the book has received mainly positive feedback. Readers liked the stories.

I'll certainly be keeping my fingers crossed (and probably my toes too) that people continue to enjoy the updated edition.

Either way, I feel it was right to take on board the opinions offered. I strive to be the best I can be. And to do this I must respect the opinions of those who matter most, and this, of course, is the opinion of the readers.

Footnote: At the time of writing it is only the Kindle version that contains the updated content. Other formats: Kobo, Nook etc. will be updated over the next few weeks.
If you use one of these other formats please feel free to message me for further information as regards updating.


Footnote 2: A paperback version of The Cthulhu Child is now also available from Amazon.

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