Tennis Court in Need of Attention

A tennis court is an asset to any community. It offers a space for families, friends, and athletes to gather and participate in a sport that is popular not only in the United States but throughout the world. We are especially fortunate to live in south Florida where the weather is almost always just perfect for hitting the tennis court.

However, when a tennis court is not properly maintained it sends the wrong message to anyone visiting it, and it also diminishes the value of our homes. Who wants to buy property in a community where a tennis court shows signs of longstanding neglect?

Furthermore, a neglected tennis court, which is part of the city's Parks and Recreation department, also reflects poorly on our city of Pembroke Pines, the same city that has won praise in the past for being among the most beautiful in the country.

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Posted by waldenlake

on Mon, January 27, 2014
Community Issues