Purchase my new book "Terror from the Sky (Chances)". It is book one of a trilogy.

My new book "Terror from the Sky (Chances)" can be purchased on Amazon Kindle Select for only $2.99. Book two of the trilogy is in progress (Chapter 18), to be out sometime before Spring.

The terror begins in the small town of Norfolk, Massachusetts, when something that has moved into an old abandoned mill starts mutilating local animals. Skylar (Skye) Thomas, the police chiefs twenty-year old daughter, has her own issues, having been previously diagnosed with Bipolar disorder at a young age, and subconsciously dealing with her mother's tragic death when she was only five-years old, tries to help solve the town mystery. Eventually the newly formed Department of Homeland Security becomes involved to cover up the entire incident. Follow Skye as she tries to come to terms with her disabilities, and become an independent person. As she becomes involved in helping the assigned state forensics leader, Jacob Cambridge solve the mystery, will she survive the face-to-face encounter with the terror.

Buy and read it now, before book two is published. Check it out and read the positive reviews at:

Thanks, Milton E. Keene (Author)

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