I am dog mad.

Yes, I will admit that I am dog mad. I treat dogs like people. A lot of my friends have dogs, all different breeds. I must confess that I am biased towards the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel because my Millie is one. She appears in my avatar. Therefore, when I get together with my friends or writing to them, we tell stories of our dogs. When I am writing a book about a specific breed, my friends will give me the inside info on them. I love to hear about the funny things that dogs do as well as the sad times too.

Millie does lots of funny things. However, the latest one is from Christmas, not so funny but interesting. Santa brought her a packet of red & green biscuit bones. We gave her a green one in the morning. She loved it. On Christmas night she did a big green poo. Now we know what to expect with the red ones.

I would love to hear any stories of your dogs.

I have my children's book The Dogs' Revenge - Millie's Great Puppy Mill Escape on a free promo for 2 days. It starts US time 12am 20th Jan. and finishes at 11.59pm 21st Jan. You can download at I would be interested to know what you think.

Hope to start my next dog breed book soon. This will be on the French Bulldog which is quite similar to the Pug.


David-Brian on Sat, January 5, 2013, commented:

Hello, Kay, I am very much a dog person too, always have been and always will be. Far better company than many people I have met, lol. My jack russell terrier, Sam, died on 29th of July 2012, and it broke my heart. Have always had dogs, and so the pain of their passing is not new to me, but Sam was fifteen years and six months, and that is a lot of life we shared together. One night around midnight, when he was about three years old, he ran off after a fox which was in our garden. We spent two hours looking for him, but to no avail. Finally, deciding to return home to see if he had turned up by himself. We had three messages on the answer-phone, from a friend who lived half a mile away from us, urging us to get to his home as Sam was there. Upon arrival, we were hurriedly ushered into a bedroom at the rear of the property. Looking out from the window we watched in amazement, as there was Sam, 'romping' around the garden with the fox. Chasing, play-fighting, leaping over each over, and occasionally lying down together. They had been interacting for over an hour before we arrived, and we watched them for a further hour before, finally, the fox departed. What makes this even more amazing was that Sam was a typical terrier, and would usually have been less than friendly to anything wild and furry! My guess is that at some point they'd had a Mexican-standoff, and this had somehow ended with them becoming playmates. It was fantastic to watch, though. I recently wrote a blog article about the loss of a pet, and it includes a poem I wrote in 1997, the night my terrier, Gemma, died. Feel free to check it out, I think you'll like the poem. The link is below. Regards David Brian

kay stevens

kay stevens on Sun, January 20, 2013, commented:

Hi David, so sorry to take this long to get back to you. I don't really understand this blogging set up. Anyway, what a great story, thanks for sharing it. It is marvelous how different species who are supposed to be enemies can become such good friends. People can learn a lot from animals. I'm like you, prefer my dog to most people. I just love your poem. It is so true and I hate to think when the day will come with Millie.


David-Brian on Wed, January 30, 2013, commented:

Thanks kay, hopefully it will be many, many, many years of happiness that you'll get to spend with Millie. The pain of loss is dreadful, but the years of 'loopy' fun will supply you with lots of happy memories. Take care David Brian

kay stevens

kay stevens on Fri, February 15, 2013, commented:

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