Micro Black Holes are among us!

Authors note: The foregoing discussion is only speculative and not factual. Although based on real science, it is distortion based on the author’s imagination used in the creation of a sci-fi novel. In other words, students should not consider, nor reference this blog as fodder for academia research or serious publication.

What are micro-sized black holes?
Google a search for them and you might find that they are a hot topic of discussion among many news groups and discussion boards. Best of all, you will discover that they have been among us for thousands, maybe even millions of years. Nothing really new after all, but what is new, is the understanding of what they are and how they were formed, or came to be.

First of all one must realize that the earth generates forces that are complimentary to those forces around it. Such is gravity, magnetism, light (photon energy) and lastly electromagnetic energy. Like it or not, we are an active target for asteroid impacts, deadly cosmic rays and worse black holes. Luckily the nearest Black Hole is light years away. By the time one of those big babies lumber close enough to Earth to consume it, it will be closer to eight centuries from now. Remember black holes never die. Every one ever created is still out there! After all, gravity is the main source of black hole energy. Black holes thrive on gravity and earth is heavy with it. The Sun is really the big heavyweight when it comes to gravity; however it lacks the mass which makes earth the true ‘macdaddy’ of black hole food. Comically, in a macabre sense, is that we will most certainly be consumed by a super stellar black hole long before global warming kills us! Like it or not, be it sane or insane, there is nothing we can do about either energy distortions in science! Perhaps the best deposits mankind can invest in, beginning right now, is in the sciences and not in fraudulent ‘chicken little’ sciences that make up the political sciences.

Today we are learning that there are micro-sized black holes in our atmosphere, tiny little energy forces, representing for itself, anti-matter. A tiny resource that can potentially without warning gobble up enough positive energy near it, to plunge any matter around it into a void. A void that will accelerate its mass to that beyond light speed. Yes. Leaving behind perhaps only the photon or light image of the object left behind! It is with this ‘hide and seek’ imaging (using photon memory emissions) that confuses people into a state of which they call DeJaVu. Or as I like to say, Sci-Fi science.

Awhile back when I was adding a sheet of Mylar to the hull bottom of an airboat I was working on, I set a hammer on the bench behind me. Call it dejavu or not, when I turned to fetch the hammer, it was not there on the bench where I believe I left it. Confused, I looked everywhere until finally I looked back at the bench and there it was! I know it was not there moments ago, so where did it go? How many times have I experienced this phenomena, I cannot recount. Happens mostly after quenching my thirsts on a hot summers day, (fill in the blanks). But many I have talked to have laughed it off, for it too, has happened to them. And I believe it can happen anywhere else in the world. I believe as well, that it is a phenomena created by micro-black holes. I also believe that if I could see them I could control a source of anti-matter energy force to traverse time and space! A force of a magnitude like never before seen on earth!

After creating the story Ponctoan Spear, I generated the concept that lost civilizations may have slipped away through microcosms of their stellar giants, namely Black Holes. Smaller ones but with a singularity that co-exists in our presence, unseen for their size, yet just as powerful in affect. Many would argue that such could not be the case, being that a black hole existing within the envelope of our atmosphere here on earth, would totally cancel such forces. Perhaps so, but consider this: natural occurring magnetic forces that envelope the earth as well! These forces set up cable-lines of force called magnetic fault lines. Such forces could very well lock a micro-singularity, as well as feed it what it needs. Those forces would have a place to channel this energy and that energy would form perpendicular and parallel to the fault line itself. As you may recall from my previous blog; of the mystery surrounding the magnificent structure called the ‘Coral Castle’. Such powers that enabled a single man to position thirty ton blocks of stone may very well attribute his success by the virtues of a magnetic fault line, the site of which the Coral Castle was built upon. Perhaps not as coincidental as one may think when you take into consideration of what the builder of this Coral Castle claimed; of magnetic forces and places along the land where only these forces could be best used or implemented as those same builders who created the magnificent Egyptian Pyramids.

Many times it has been said that ‘truth is stranger than fiction’. In the case of stellar events occurring outside the orbits of our own planetary system as well as those influences within, the same yet opposite could be said.

Fiction is stranger than truth!

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T.A Walters

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