Ten months of hard work! But finally...

It's ready to go!

As an indie, life can be tough. Writing the initial draft is one of the enjoyable bits. You have your plot worked out and can barely hit the keys fast enough. Life is great, and it culminates in that moment when you finish the first draft.

After your next read through (and multiple edits), you pass the piece you have crafted on to your beta-readers. Without these people you would be nothing. They spot the mistakes which you've missed.
After hundreds of hours staring at the same manuscript, believe me it is easy to become blind to something which should be obvious.
The down side is that they will also point out things which they don't like, and sometimes the critique can sting a little.

After the next round of edits and beta-readers, repeat with more edits and (hopefully) a final set of readers. Once you are fairly certain that the book is almost to spec, then you read through again. Even at this late stage there are usually a few final tweaks which need to be made. But you know things are close to completion now, and so you experience that same buzz of excitement which accompanied the completion of your first draft.

Finally, it's done, and all feels good in the world... well, sort of.

You need tough skin to be an author. No matter how many people praise your work, rest assured there will always be some whose opinions differ. Of course, this is fine, where would we be if opinions didn't differ? Well, yeah, a more peaceful world... but that's a debate for another day.

Anyhow, I'm just pleased to announce the completion of my latest project. I say project, but it feels a whole lot more personal to me than 'a project.'

Since I was a boy, I have considered J Sheridan Le Fanu to be one of the greatest horror writers of his generation. It was because of my affection for his craft that I decided to create this book, and so the seeds for 'Carmilla - The Wolves of Styria' began to blossom in my mind. I enjoyed writing this book, and because of my affection for the story within its pages, I even enjoyed the editing process.

I Hope you enjoy it too.…

Milton E. Keene

Milton E. Keene on Tue, January 29, 2013, commented:

I'm with you. In the middle of Book Two of my trilogy. Goof Luck. Milton E. Keene


David-Brian on Wed, March 6, 2013, commented:

Thank you, Milton. Good luck to you too.

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