"I always feel like somebody's watching me"

By Lesley Fair ... Originally posted on the Bureau of Consumer Protection on September 25, 2012 ...

The following is an excerpt:

"...according to lawsuits filed by the FTC, many stores — including franchisees of Aaron’s, ColorTyme, and Premier Rental Purchase — spied on their customers through secret software that logged key strokes, captured screen shots, and in some cases, remotely activated the computer’s webcam to take pictures of people in their homes. Huh? Yeah, really.

The FTC says the data gathered ... revealed confidential details about people’s computer use. What kind of info? User names and passwords for social networking sites and financial institutions; Social Security numbers; medical records; bank and credit card statements; and private email just for starters. And those secret webcam shots? The FTC says they included photos of family members, folks who were, um, not entirely clothed, and the full range of, uh, intimate activities that take place in proximity to people’s home computers."

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