Champions, Inc. -- Encouraging the Warrior in Everyone, No Matter What Life Throws at You

My first book, "Champions, Inc.-- Powerful Life Principles" was released two days ago. It will be available as an ebook only, at least for now. It is a non-fiction work -- about how to think, live, and work like a Champion, no matter what horrors life throws at you.

Here is a brief excerpt:

In becoming and remaining a champion, you will have no greater enemy, foe, imminent threat, constant challenge, adversary, or opposing force than negativity. Your ability to recognize, repel, and conquer this cancer of greatness will directly determine how quickly you become a champion and how long you remain one.

The inspiring aspect about negativity, the beauty and gift hidden within it, is that in the hands of a champion it can be molded, shaped, configured, and absolutely capitalized upon as a source of power and motivation.

The most surreptitious and threatening fact about negativity is not only is it everywhere in modern society – from work to play, professional to social circles, family to friends – but that it comes in so many varieties, varying quantities, and is so easily disguised. There will be times when you’ll be subjected to it, but it won’t look nor feel like negativity at all. Nevertheless, the impact it can have on you and your journey down the champion super highway is no less pernicious.

Any successful life as a champion cannot occur without a full-fledged personal battle plan to combat negativity whenever it comes your way – and implemented from day one until your final breath. It is that important. In fact, it’s the equivalent in value as water is to a fish.

The lion share of the negativity you will encounter in your journey as a champion, I promise you, will come in the form of direct human-to-human contact. It will be a mixture of people you barely know and include even blood relatives and spouses.

While society, culture, and messages embedded with this entire life experience will present significant amounts of negativity to counter, it’s the negativity that originates from the mouths, minds, hearts, eyes, and overall body language of those you cross paths with daily that creates the greatest effort to overcome.

As an up and coming, present, or veteran champion – there is one fundamental principle you must absorb. Doing so will make it much easier to understand the behavior of others and effectively neutralize its power over you. Most people will never be like you. They are simply not capable of it. And, they will be jealous of you, resentful, angry, and even downright hateful towards you, once they recognize the superior abilities you have to become and remain a true champion in life -- and the supreme direction you are now headed in.

Furthermore, it may shock and hurt you to see who actually ends up materializing as this type of person(s) in your life. But there is good news. Eventually, once you distinguish yourself (over time) as the “real deal” champion that you are, versus a fad champion, many of these former “haters” will undergo a dramatic reversal of opinion. All of a sudden, they’ll gravitate towards you, want to be around you, possibly even want things from you, even boast, “I always knew you were special, unique and could do it,” projecting themselves as your advocate and supporter from the very beginning. Count on it.

For some reason, society today is brimming with individuals who jump on the first opportunity to say something bad about another, opine on things which they know very little or nothing about, pass sweeping judgments, predict things in the most pessimistic light possible, and shower everyone around them with an overall low level energy that invokes gloom, cynicism, despair, doubt, and even hate. I’ve always believed that people who do this are revealing far more accurate information about themselves than the content of the topics they address. Miserable, low self-esteem, unaccomplished, failure-oriented individuals will always attempt to boost themselves up by diminishing and striking out against others. This brand of persons view the world through a cloudy prism, rarely have anything nice to say about anyone, and if they do, they disqualify it with a comment such as, “Yeah but, he/she is also such a … and I can’t stand that.” They leap frog into a pool of negativity, dragging you with them, at every opportunity.

People like this resent positive and accomplished people. They are suspicious of achievement, always assume someone arrived at where they are in life by doing something wrong or evil, and they discredit those who in their view “seem to be so nice and perfect.”

You’ll notice that these people complain about almost everything, criticize freely, rarely take responsibility for anything, do not hold themselves accountable, enjoy playing the victim, and believe that life is largely stacked against them.

An individual who operates on this bottom rung and rusty gear of human performance will almost always try to convince you that your decision to achieve a big goal is unrealistic or ridiculous. They will put down your aspirations and dreams. Rarely will they lift you up or say, “You can do it.” Rather, they snap up and serve you every plate of depressing, negative thinking, no-hope-propaganda they can find.

When you run into anyone like this, notice how they will continuously attempt to market to you an average mode of thought and lifestyle. Their statements will be filled with phrases like …

“But you should be happy with ....”
“Why would you want to do that?”
“What makes you think that will work?”
“That’s crazy.”
“No body needs all that.”
“You should think more realistically.”
“Don’t put yourself at such risk.”
“That’s too unstable. You’ll be giving up your security.”
“What about your family?”
“That will destroy your comfortable life.”
“You’re thinking too big.”

They may even say, “You’re stupid and that’s dumb.” When you’re in the company of these people, they will rarely make you feel good about yourself or the world. They won’t be encouraging you to reach beyond the sky and touch the stars. They won’t lift you up further than you think is possible. They won’t smile and tell you how they believe in you, no matter what. They won’t hope the best for you as you chase down your dreams.

Every bit of their negativity will be delivered to you wrapped in a clever conversational camouflage made up of, “I’m just tying to help you as your friend, so I have to be honest with you.” Or another version, “Because you’re family, I have to let you know.”

Don’t be fooled by this pseudo-benevolent disguise. Ask yourself if the messenger is nothing more than a negative, underperforming person trying to sell you on their rotten, go-no-where style of living. Champions can see this from a million miles away.

So, do you know anyone like this? Of course you do. We all do. They are everywhere. I’m not proposing that you walk around hating them – for that would be negative and awfully hypocritical. But there is a trick to managing them. The key to a champion’s anti-negativity combat plan is to get really good at recognizing these folks, never feeding on their message, and limiting at all cost your contact with them when they’re in their “active” mode. The silver lining is that a lot of negative individuals do have “dormant” periods. It is during these times that they are safe to be around.

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