FTC Offers Consumers Tips on How to Respond to Unwanted Robocalls

Illegal pre-recorded "robocalls" are a growing annoyance for millions of American consumers and the target of an enforcement crackdown by the Federal Trade Commission. What should you do when you get one of these calls?
Nearly all telemarketing robocalls have been illegal since September 1, 2009. The only legal sales robocalls are ones that consumers have stated in writing that they want to receive. Certain other types of robocalls, such as political calls, survey calls, and charitable calls remain legal, and are not covered by the 2009 ban. To date, the FTC has brought 12 enforcement cases targeting illegal robocalls, and violators have paid $5.6 million in total penalties. Indeed, since January 2010, the Federal Trade Commission has brought law enforcement actions, shutting down the companies responsible for more than 2.6 billion illegal telemarketing robocalls.

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